Accounting Services

Accounting Services

JDT recognizes that having access to timely and accurate financial information is crucial for clients to maintain a competitive advantage in today’s dynamic business environment. We provide a full range of computerized accounting services, bookkeeping services for companies in Singapore who require a proper and complete set of financial statements. Preparation of full set accounts can be done on monthly, quarterly or yearly basic.

Our charges will depend on your company transaction and book size. The reports will include:

  • Design and prepare financial reporting packages for management
  • Group consolidation and preparation of annual report
  • Profit and Loss Statement, Statement of Financial position, General Ledgers, Creditor and Debtor Listing, Other Schedules
  • Perform bank and other account reconciliation
  • GST advisory and reporting
  • Payroll services
  • Yearly budget and Ad Hoc Feasibility Studies can be prepared for Management

Outsourcing of Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

We offer expertise of a trained and experienced financial person to Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs). As SME expand their business, they need the expertise of experienced accountant, someone akin to Chief Financial Officer in larger set up to beef up the company financial function capabilities so as to meet its operational demands. However, very often, the business may not be ready for such a full time executive, operationally or financially. Depending on the client requirement, we can be engaged on a permanent, periodic or ad-hoc basis to meet specific objectives. Clients can be assured that the financial health of the business will be taken care professionally on a continual basis.

Financial Management Tools You Grow Your Businesses

  • Internal Control Procedures
  • Financial Management
  • Business Planning
  • Review and Evaluation of Accounts
  • Budget Preparation & Variance Analysis
  • Cost Analysis
  • Management Reporting
  • Review of Key Performance Indicators
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Tax Management
  • Working Capital Management
  • Loans Management
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Inventory Management

Payroll/HR Administration Outsourcing Services

JDT specializes in meeting basic to complex payroll and HR administration and needs of businesses in Singapore. We have a team of payroll and HR to support your organization needs. Whether it is managing the payroll of your entire staff or protecting the confidential of your data, out team of professional will be able to support and provide the value added service. We also give consulting services for companies who wish to set up their own payroll system.

We assist companies to process the payroll for their staffs. This involves in the computation of their monthly salaries and processing of yearly IR8A. We also assist the companies to print out the pay slips using our in house payroll software. From July 2016, it is compulsory for companies to issue payslips to their employees. We will advise issues such as:

Payroll Services

  • Compute and process the payroll for the staffs of the companies on bi monthly or monthly basis
  • Assist the companies to print out the pay slips using our in house payroll system
  • Process gross to net salary and applicable CPF, CDAC calculation
  • Salary disbursement to employees via bank GIRO transfer
  • Computation of CPF for various allowances
  • Computation of bonuses and pay for various scenarios
  • Payment in lieu of a notice of termination
  • Payment for work on a rest day or public holiday
  • Payment for annual or sick leave
  • Deduction of pay for absence from work
  • Compilation of monthly payroll summary reports for management review

Statutory Requirements

  • Printing and distribution of pay slips
  • Online Submission to CPF Board by stipulated deadline
  • Prepare and submit yearend tax forms (IR8A) and relevance appendixes
  • Online submission to IRAS for yearend tax returns

Benefits of Outsourcing Accounting & Finance

By outsourcing your finance and accounting function to JDT, organizations would undoubtedly see the performance improvements as they can benefit by

  • Freeing up management’s time from administrative and regulatory tasks to concentrate on higher-level decision-making.
  • Taking advantage of the outsourced infrastructure and capability such as the computerized accounting software set up, without having to pay for such upfront costs
  • No worry of account staff turnover. Ensure continuity of service with us.
  • Management does not have to worry about employing and supervising full time employee. Outsourcing of accounts help the management to save the cost of employing a full time staff.
  • Confidential financial information including payroll data do not have to be shared with internal staff
  • Replace current fixed staff cost structure with a variable cost arrangement by outsourcing
  • Improve back-office performance through use of service management framework

Accounting Software

We can recommend accounting and payroll management systems to your company that can manage some of your accounting and payroll processes. These software are listed under iSPRINT– Packaged Solutions. SMEs can claim up to 70% of the qualifying costs, capped at $20,000 for the purchase of the first packaged solution (listed) under each solution category. Plus get extra tax savings of up to 68% under the Productivity and Innovation Credit Scheme. We are the reseller for MYOB accounting and payroll software.