Top 20 International Alliances & Associations 2019

Photo by Robynne Hu on Unsplash

The Accountancy Age compiled the latest worldwide ranking accountancy organisations based on the data collected in Autumn 2019. The Top 20 International Alliances and Associations include:

  1. Praxity Global Alliance
  2. GGI Global Alliance
  3. TAG Alliances
  4. LEA Global/Leading Edge Alliance
  5. Allinial Global
  6. IAPA
  7. PrimeGlobal
  8. MSI Global Alliance
  9. BKR International
  10. DFK International
  11. AGN International
  12. MorisonKSI
  13. Alliott Group
  14. Integra International
  15. INAA Group
  16. CPA Associates International
  17. Abacus Worldwide
  18. INPACT
  19. GMN International
  20. Antea Alliance of Independent Firms

Joe Tan & Associates PAC is proud to be member of the PrimeGlobal which is one of the top 10 international accounting associations for year ending 2019.

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Photo by Robynne Hu on Unsplash